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3D-Computer Generated Images, and especially 3D animations, are an indispensable tool for communicating effectively and getting noticed in the crowded scientific playing field.

We offer various solutions:

DNA unfolding. Animation.  © adergebroed
bio-medical animation

3D animation for science communication

An eye-catching bio-medical animation in 3D is a quick and effective communication tool. It can make a message more fun, engaging and easy to understand.

Creating a custom 3D animation can take weeks, or even months.

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Medical illustration - DNA cancer cell does not repair

3D illustration

A picture is worth a thousand words

Your message simplified into one cinematographic image, based on scientific images. Your subject is the hero.

A high-end medical illustration helps you to communicate with your audience as a poster or cover illustration, or in an article, white paper, lightbox, investor file, or other promotional materials.


3D animated picture

Movement is eye-catching.

We add to the 3-D illustration a soft camera movement, parallax, some subtle atmospheric animation in the setting such as particles etc.

An aesthetic addition that brings the image to life. Great for presentations.

Astrocyte – 3D animated picture ‘parallax’-effect, with soundscape © adergebroed
PARP restores DNA SSB – Detail from MoA in  sequences © adergebroed
graphic medicine in 3D-CGI

Set of sequences

Your story is told with simplicity and clarity in a series of cinematic illustrations.


The viewer or sales representative will swipe (digital) or flip (print) back and forward through the images at their own pace.


The sequences can be presented in one image cfr. graphic novel.

clear and simple

Recommended for concepts that are too complex to be illustrated with just one image.


Ideal for patient education and one-on-one teaching.


Graphic design

Our graphic department can help you with the layout and follow-up for printed matter.

ready-made products

Greeting cards

Science-themed postcards and greeting cards whether or not with your company logo. Quantity discounts.

featured postcards
Christmas greeting card with star shaped astrocyte
Christmas card ‘star shaped astrocyte’  © adergebroed
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“Though the words of your storyline are important, attractive illustrations are like glue that grab and hold the attention of the reader. Clearly legible images are an important foundation of your publication”

Elaine R. S. Hodges, founder of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

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