About adergebroed

Science meets art. The best of both worlds.

Experts on arts and science work closely together at Adergebroed. We produce medical visual storytelling on the cellular and molecular level, using 3D computer generated images.


We are a young company. The core consists of senior experts, from the arts and sciences respectively.


Thanks to our collaborations with audiovisual artists and scientists, we can ensure an innovative, well-informed and highly professional result

cell membrane packed with phospholipids

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– Cell membrane packed with phospholipids.
Illustration ©adergebroed
– Heart coherence exercise.
Video animation ©adergebroed

Who do you communicate with during the production process?

The in-house scientist who has experience in communicating with science professionals.
The Art Director is the primary point of contact for creative agencies with more experience in artistic work.

Our ‘medical illustrator’ is a team



Joke Van Eyck graduated from LUCA school of arts in Antwerp and Brussels. She has a long history as Art Director, graphic designer and illustrator. She designed for various publishers of magazines and educational publications, and communications agencies with pharma-clients.

As CGI-artist she creates aesthetic 3D stories that envision the human body from within, visualizing biological processes and making them easy to understand for a range of audiences.

Recently, she has been assisted by scientific advisor Jeroen Donneaux. Their collaboration has enhanced the scientific accuracy of her illustrations.

Joke Van Eyck creates unique painted sculptures in ‘real’ life. Portfolio and info on her personal website.



Ir. Jeroen Donneaux has a master’s degree in chemical and biological engineering and is a chemistry and biology teacher.

He interprets your medical script and has experience in communication with medical and science professionals.

As scientific director he ensures that medical concepts are presented accurately and realistically by our creative experts.

Team animation | audio


Your visual story is enhanced with the addition of audio: engaging voice-over, engaging ambient rhythms and sound design.

Depending on your needs, we work with various composers, or with music selected by and edited by our in-house DJ.

The voice-over is done in a professional studio with native speakers.

We are based in Leuven, Belgium.

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Freelance partners

We work with dedicated freelancers and are always looking for new talent. If you would like to join our team, get in touch.

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